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Flush French door
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Flush-fitting doors combine beautifully with our flushSASH windows to create a low maintenance, energy efficient traditional timber appearance.
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Discover the timeless beauty of flush-fitting French doors! Our traditional timber design looks great in any home, giving it a classic and elegant feel.

Plus, our doors are designed to be airtight and seal out drafts, providing excellent energy efficiency. On modern properties, the sleek and contemporary look adds an extra touch of sophistication. And with a timeless design that never goes out of style, your home will always look its best with our flush-fitting French doors!


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Using PVCu for French doors has many advantages over timber.

PVCu is a low-maintenance material that is water-resistant, so it won't rot or warp in damp conditions. It also offers excellent insulation properties, helping to keep the temperature inside your home comfortable all year round. Plus, it's a more environmentally friendly option since it can be recycled at the end of its life cycle. With PVCu, you can enjoy all the benefits of traditional French doors without sacrificing quality or sustainability.

RAL colour chart

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Please note that our ColourTEK system can reproduce any colour for our products, not only the trade colours displayed above.

Due to various reasons, an accurate virtual representation of a RAL colour is not always possible. Physical colour swatches have painted representations of colours, and these can be found at any TeamFrames branch.

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