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The ColourTEK Service
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Our in-house ColourTEK® spraying service offers hundreds of colours for your windows and doors...

  • Choose from a great range of both RAL and most of the British Standard (BS 4800) colours. We would advise you check colour availability first. A range of finishes is also available. Gasket colour match when sprayed both sides.
  • Molecular cross bonded adhesion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No lead, cadmium or zinc content
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Available for PVCu, aluminium or composite (GRP) materials where specified.
  • Aerosol touch-up paints available and free touch-up pen included.


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Previous generation spray paint finish often necessitated an undercoat/primer.

The paint adhered to the undercoat which in turn adhered to the substrate.

The paint sat on top of the substrate and was consequently prone to abrasion and chipping.

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Molecular Cross Bonding (MCB) uses a chemical process to bond and combine with the substrate it is being applied to.

The substrate can be PVCu or aluminium and either of these can have a foiled woodgrain or powder-coated finish.

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The MCB process ensures that even when different frames, door skins and materials are used, a consistent colour and finish can be applied for a uniquely co-ordinated appearance.

Even including the gasket!

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