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About Teamframes

Welcome to Teamframes

Teamframes is the premium trade window centre for all your window, door and conservatory requirements direct from the largest independent manufacturer of PVCu  and Aluminium windows, doors and conservatories in the South East of England.

The TRG range is one of the best performing products on the market today, taking full advantage of the increased thermal efficiency offered by our multi-chambered profile technology.

Teamframes products are only sold through our local branches, where service, quality, long term relationships and of course competitive prices are key.

Consider the Following…


Are they a manufacturer or a ‘middle man’?

Team Frames manufacture their own PVC and Aluminium products. Why buy from a middle man when you can deal directly with a factory outlet?

Where are your frames made?

Many suppliers buy their frames from manufacturers in Ireland, Wales and the North of England. Ask them – you may be surprised! Team Frames manufacture our own PVC and Aluminium products in Eastbourne. Improve efficiency and cut your carbon footprint.

How quickly can they supply a remake frame?

If you make a mistake and need a remake frame we will get it to you the next day. Our daily delivery from our factory makes this possible. This allows you to finish the job and get paid.

Do they install?

Is your supplier also your competitor? We don’t believe that this relationship can work which is why we are a trade only supplier and we do not install. When we get enquiries from the public we pass them on to our customers. Lets both stick to what we are good at!

How good is their credit rating?

It may not seem important but it is an unfortunate reality that businesses do fail in difficult times. If your supplier is no longer there to support guarantee claims then you could be left to put things right. Some suppliers offer tempting low prices but the final cost to you could be huge!

How convenient is it to use them?

We are open from 7.30am Monday to Friday and from some branches open on Saturday. We have a wide range of sample windows available for loan and we stock the consumables needed to finish the job. We accept credit card payments to allow you to manage your finances more easily

We also have a rapidly expanding network of branches throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey & Essex for when you are working further from home.

How clear is their communication?

We automatically email your invoices, receipts, quotes, order acknowledgments and energy rated certificates to you as well as providing a paper copy in branch if required. This means that they are always available with no need for piles of paperwork. All paperwork for jobs and quotes is scanned and saved on our bespoke software system so that it can be instantly retrieved. Don’t worry if you are always losing your paperwork because we won’t!  Delivery times can be advised by text message if you prefer.

All of our quotes are clear and detailed with each frame individually priced so that you can easily see how our price is calculated.

Do they offer free timed delivery and storage?

Sometimes jobs can get delayed and you have nowhere to store your frames. Not all suppliers have the space either so frames and glass can get damaged. We understand this and have invested in suitable premises so that we can store frames for you until required. When you are ready you can collect from us or take advantage of our free local delivery service. All our delivery vehicles are fitted with trackers allowing us to keep you updated.

How does their product compare?

Things move on and generally get better. We all have fond memories of our first car but we wouldn’t still want to be driving it!! Window systems are evolving as well and some of the old favourites are starting to get left behind. Team Frames only manufacture the Liniar system which is probably the most innovative energy efficient lead free product on the market today. Make awkward glazing beads, trimming gaskets and broken units a thing of the past with Team Frames.  We are even happy to take old PVC windows to be recycled free of charge – saving on the cost of skips.

MAKE Team Frames YOUR FIRST choice

Big enough to deliver – local enough to care

Why Teamframes?

  • Peace of Mind. We have been in business for 15 years
  • We are part of the Whiteline Group who manufacture our products locally.
  • Good for the environment, made from 100% lead-free PVCu that can be fully re-cycled
  • 5 Day lead time on our standard white PVCu range of windows and residential doors.
  • One stop shop for all your PVCu, Aluminium, Timber and Accessory requirements
  • Local free delivery utilizing our own fleet and drivers.
  • Free use of our in-house skips
  • Some products are Certified ‘Secured by Design’ status from the Association of Chief Police Officers
  • Multiple Accreditations and Certifications. We conform to the very highest British standards
  • The very highest energy ratings available today
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Britain
  • Offering high quality products and materials providing excellent value for money
  • Most of our PVCu profile is based on 6 chambers for additional efficiency.
  • Unique products and unrivalled range of colours and styles, including ColourTEK

An Overview – Something about us

The Teamframes TRG product range is regarded as one of the best performing products on the market today, taking full advantage of the increased thermal efficiency offered by its six chamber sash and outer frame, providing the most energy efficient windows available.

  • Profile extendMade from 100% lead-free PVCu, Teamframes incorporates advanced engineering and quality manufacturing,  providing the  highest security option available.
  • Certified ‘Secured by Design’ option from the Association of Chief Police Officers and conforming to PAS 24:2012 standards. Security should never be a second thought.
  • Utilising the highest technology with its multi–chamber design, an extensive range of high gloss finishes and a unique SlimSASH profile, Teamframes is the complete PVCu package for your home.

Peace of Mind

We want to help make the process of understanding, specifying and purchasing your new windows, doors or conservatory as painless as possible. We do this by explaining what our products do in easy to understand terms help make the experience fun, and to offer you ‘Peace of Mind’.

You may well come across a number of terms during the process – these can be explained to you by your Teamframes branch. To help you along the way we have explained some of these terms and outlined how they may help you.

FENSAFENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. Following Government encouragement, FENSA has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies in response to Building Regulations for double glazing companies in England and Wales.

When replacing windows and doors, homeowners must comply with current thermal performance standards and ensure they get a certificate from FENSA (or similar approved) or Local Authority Building Control. FENSA enables companies that install replacement windows and doors to self-certify compliance under these Building Regulations without the need for a separate assessment from Building Control.

BMTRADA Product certification provides assurance to specifiers, contractors and purchasers that products will perform to an agreed standard. BMTRADA has offered a range of certification schemes under the Q-Mark brand for building products for over 20 years. Whiteline Manufacturing, our parent company has achieved numerous certifications across a range of products.


Energy Window RatingWindow Energy Ratings Certification. BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council), the Window Energy Ratings Certification scheme, allows manufacturers to apply to use the energy rating label (pictured right) on their products.

Conventional approaches (such as setting a glass or window U-value) simply assess how much energy a window loses. They do not take into account how much energy a window can gain.

The total energy flow in a window consists of three major components:

  • Thermal transmittance (U-value)
  • Solar factor (g-value)
  • Air Leakage (L50)

The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) has devised a Window Ratings equation based on values for these components. The rating is expressed as a number and is converted into a grade between A and G (with A being the most energy efficient).

CE-MarkingCE Marking. Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE marking has become mandatory for many construction products in the UK from 1st July 2013.

CE marking is the only way to demonstrate that a product, or system, complies with the CPR. It is a manufacturer’s declaration that their product meets the minimum requirements of a harmonised technical specification, enabling them and their agents to place their product on the construction market.

Secure by Design also known as SBD is a police initiative that improves the security of buildings and related products such as windows and doors to a high security standard. Our parent company, Whiteline Manufacturing Ltd has SBD certification. Click on image below to view certificate.


PAS24: – In essence is a guarantee that the production of the door you are purchasing is being monitored by a UKAS accredited certification body to ensure compliance with PAS 24:2016 Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. External doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk and the specific and the relevant material specific standard for general performance referenced in BS 6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3. Secure by Design certification is directly linked to PAS24 and like SBD is a standard that is either a pass or fail.

Teamframes can offer a range of provides that our both PAS24 and Secure by Design certified.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of our windows are A-rated for energy efficiency. They incorporate the very latest glazing technology and these double or triple glazed units use the latest clear energy glass.

4627 A+ ChamfIn the UK, homes create a quarter of all CO² emissions. Our windows and doors will help to eliminate energy loss from your home as the units offer up to 3 times more thermal insulation than standard double glazing and are 20% better than Low-E thermally insulating glass. The outer pane allows optimal amounts of the sun’s energy through the glass into the room allowing the benefit of free solar heating. The inner pane uses an advanced glass coating technology which reflects the heat from inside the room back into the room.

The Window Energy Ratings scheme was launched in the UK by the British Federation of Rating Council, a Government-supported independent body, so consumers can reliably compare one product with another.

PVCu Triple Glazing

Triple Cross SectionThe ‘Ultimate Energy-Saving, Noise-Reducing Window’ with 36mm sealed units. Future proof U-Value of 0.8 W.m²K as well as PASSIVHAUS compliance is achievable, using some additional frame components and Krypton gas.

  • Standard float glass first pane
  • Argon gas-filled cavities
  • Low-E toughened glass second (middle) pane and Low-E float glass third pane

Teamframes TRG Triple Glazing uses three panes of glass which form two insulating layers that provide the ultimate thermal and acoustic insulation. The industry-leading 6-chamber PVCu frame eliminates the need for thermal inserts and uses structural PVCu for rigidity rather than heat-conducting steel. A Teamframes Triple Glazing unit can exceed even the A-Rated window by over 35%. The additional cavity created by having 3 panes of glass can increase sound insulation by over 20% as well as providing extra security.


gurantee tickWe are part of the Whiteline Group which was Established in 1984, they are one of the largest producers of windows, doors and conservatories in the South East. You can feel secure in the knowledge that we will be around for many more years to come, supporting you and our installation partners.

Your guarantee as part of your contract of sale will always be with your installation provider. However, it is reassuring to know that the Teamframes range of products comes with a comprehensive set of guarantees from our manufacturing partners.

Delivery and Skip Service

All Team Frames branches offer free local delivery.

Delivery can be to your premises or to site and we will give you a guide time to allow you to plan your day. Vehicles are fitted with trackers to allow us to give you up to the minute information.

free local delivery

We also offer a free skip service for all our customers. Just another great offering from your local Teamframes branch.

Contact your local branch for details.